Many years ago, before the internet became a household commodity, face-to-face human interaction was a common occurrence. As a result, business professionals carried a business card in their purse or pocket at all times.

The business card was a sign; a statement. As a result, it was often the first impression one developed of your professional self and your company. These first few moments are a vital piece of the business landscape.

A scene from the 2000 horror/thriller film American Psycho comes to mind and comically illustrates the importance of business cards, as well as the professional appearance one tries to project and maintain. Likewise, the color, font, card stock quality, and any errors present speak volumes about who you were and if you were worth doing business with.

Example of an unattractive business card

Changes in the Business Landscape

Today, things have changed considerably and the online atmosphere has completely infiltrated our culture. Due to this cultural shift, our time spent online is second only to the time we spend at work, and frequently, those two worlds collide.

While business cards are far from the 8-track of promotional tools, they simply aren’t what they used to be. Times have changed and the new king of content is the website. For this reason, businesses without a site and those whose current site is sloppy are doing themselves a serious disservice.

Relate this back to your own experiences with business cards. In my time, I’ve received a massive number of business cards. Consequently, most of them got tossed into a drawer or bin. I kept them should the need arise, but most were forgotten because they didn’t stand out. As the old saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” Simply put, they had no wow factor! Unless I was specifically doing business with the person who gave it to me, it likely got lost in the abyss.

Stand Out! – The New Business Card

The cards that stick in your mind are the ones that go above and beyond to catch your attention and stay memorable. I still remember the first time I received a see-through plastic business card, a die cut business card, a metal business card, and a lenticular business card from a renowned jewelry designer.

These cards all had one thing in common. They popped out of the crowd and grabbed my attention! Unsurprisingly, I was immediately intrigued and ready to hear what they had to say. My first thought was “WOW! If they’re going to spend this much time and effort on a business card, I want to see what else they can bring to the table.” The same is true for your website.

Eye-catching die cut business card

Isn’t my Current Website Good Enough?

Have you ever landed on a website that looks like it was designed 10 years ago, had a distracting color pallet, was too busy, had pixelated images, or was slow to load? Chances are you have. With today’s average initial attention span lasting only 8-9 seconds, you don’t want anything standing in the way of captivating your audience and pulling them in for more. After all, your business depends on it.

When I notice errors, broken links, and poor design aesthetics, I completely lose confidence in the business and leave the site. Why? If a site looks old (especially if it’s a storefront), I immediately assume it isn’t being maintained, or worse, may be run by a nefarious organization.

If the site looks like a ghost town, potential customers certainly don’t want to input personal information where in may be abused, sold, or stolen. On the other hand, when a site looks clean, has crisp images and has all the information your customers looking for, they are immediately more engaged and ready to explore.

Outdated, unfocused website design

Is this an Expense I can Afford?

Many people assume that a beautifully-designed website is an expense they simply can’t afford. This is a misconception and a trap which many small businesses fall victim to. While the initial cash outlay may seem daunting, the cost of having a poorly-designed site (or no site at all) may be detrimental in the long term.

An impactful website is your opportunity to make a first impression. It is just as important as having a beautiful storefront, an organized office, or dressing in professional attire. Unsurprisingly, these visual cues build trust, puts your best foot forward, and give customers and clients a sense that you are legitimate. The real question is, “Can you afford not to?”

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