We’ve Got New Business Cards!

I know, I know, who cares right? But we do! And we’re so excited about our new business cards that we just had to show them to the world!

Big thanks go out to the printing company Silk Cards. We looked high and low for business card printers that could deliver incredible results and these guys were top-notch.

I could tell just from looking at their site that they made incredible business cards and we were aiming to please. No need to look into cheap cards from Vista Print. We had bigger things in mind and we kept our eye on the prize.

Even after requesting free sample packs from a number of high-end business card producers, we made the same choice that we did even before receiving the packages in the mail. That just goes to show you the quality both of their website, their product photography, and their actual products as well.

Our New Business Card Features

Our newly-designed business cards may look less impressive from the image below than they really are, but trust us… they slap! Here are some of the features our cards have:

  • Silver reflective foiling
  • Thick cardstock
  • Blue center layer
  • Di-cut geometric overlay

If I may say so, they’re a real show-stopper, and when you’re running a professional impact, that’s the point. A job well done!

While we’ve often said that websites are the new business cards, it’s important to have at little something extra… a cherry on top. This is especially true for B2B organizations like ourselves.

Wonder Web Development new business cards

Interested in Doing Business With Wonder Web Development?

If you like our new business cards as much as we do and you’re impressed with how sleek and sexy they are, feel free to contact us. We’re just going to guess that’s going to be the defacto response once people get their hands on them. Feel free to beat the crowds by contacting us by email or reaching out to us through text at 775-527-3618.

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