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Do you already have a website? Great! Are you updating it and adding new content regularly? If not, you need to engage in some soul searching. Having a website is only the first step in a long line of online marketing efforts. Simply having a website isn’t enough to attract the business you’re looking for. You may be in need of Domain Management services.

Whether you don’t know how, or you simply don’t have time to maintain a website, the team at Wonder Web Development is here to assist you! We can help you maintain your professional website. We’ll ensure your site is functioning properly and updates are occurring regularly. Additionally, we update your current content; all while creating new content to attract and engage customers.


Why Choose Wonder Web Development?

Speak and be heard with Domain Management

Some business owners don’t know much about the complexities of the online world… and that’s OK! However, that isn’t a reason to let your online persona fall to the wayside. Simply having a website is not enough to get the attention you’re looking for. After all, the reason you had a website designed in the first place was to offer customers a way to discover your business.

Picture it like this: Pretend for a moment that your website is a physical brick and mortar store. You could hire an architect to build a beautiful building, the best painter to make it look sleek, and the most talented interior decorator to make the place unique. However, at some point, you’re going to have to figure out how to get people there in the first place. If you only focus on the store and never bother to get them in the door, it will likely falter.

An attractive and functional website design is very important… but what then? How do customers get to it? What would entice them to your site? Why would they find your website over that of another similar business? If this is the first time you’re asking yourself this question, you’ve come to the right place. Wonder Web Development looks at domain management as your chance show the world what you’ve got!

We ensure all aspects of the site are functioning, text is accurate, and that updates are made upon request. We also make required changes to codes and update plugins. Additionally, you may opt for a blog writing or SEO campaign to build up your online presence. Doing so is always recommended, as it extends your reach and builds authority with Google.


What you can expect with Wonder Web Development:

A Functional Online Hub for Your Business

The domain management team at Wonder Web Development ensures your website is up to date. This includes both the back and front ends of the site. Additionally, we check to make sure there are no broken links or design errors that may be preventing your site from appealing to customers. In short, we spruce things up and keep things looking good. Finally, we can assist you with a domain name, SSL, and hosting renewals. In fact, Wonder Web Hosting, our sister company offers many of these services.

Marketing Yourself

We’re in this for the long haul and we know you are too. That’s why we collaboratively create a strategy to maintain a consistent brand voice across your site. Our team will ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward online. We do this by consistently checking the site for any issues which may detract from your image. Finally, we teach you how to attract more clients and customers with specialized marketing strategies.

Optimize Your Site

Many things can slow down a website. Improper coding, broken links, large images, and obsolete software are just a few of the culprits. We come in and fix as much of this as possible. Furthermore, we check to make sure that your current content is adjusted to deliver high rankings on Google and deliver a secure browsing experience for your customers. In our opinion, all sights need an SSL certificate. Displaying one is a sure sign of any reputable organization. Of course, if you had your website designed at Wonder Web Development, you don’t need to worry about this part.

Blog and Event Promotion

As part of a social media management campaign, we will also share your blogs and images on your social media accounts. As your Sparks, NV based domain manager, we promote blogs and special events that keep your business in the public eye and keep attracting new ones.

Site Traffic Analytics

What’s the point of having a website if you don’t know about your web traffic? How much do you know about your customers? We can learn much about your website and your customers by employing strategic site monitoring. Additionally, we’ll hook your site up with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We analyze data to find out what works best for your site and what types of content are attracting & engaging various demographics.

Increased Brand Awareness

Finally, we get to know every part of your brand so we can communicate that culture and tone to customers. No matter if you’ve had a site for a while or you just got it, we’ll show you how much more your site has to offer you. Ultimately, we make your brand reflect your vision.


Define Your Brand’s Voice and Expand Your Reach

At Wonder Web Development, we don’t do anything without a strategy in place. We plan and schedule regular updates in advance while also checking in with you regularly for up-to-date news and photos that need to be uploaded. We develop quality content and optimize your site so traffic will come to you naturally.

Get the people in your target audience talking with a site that give your business authority. Let people know you’re their neighbor with photos, content, and staff updates. When done strategically, Domain Management services can keep a site fresh and add valuable online authority to any brand.

If you’re ready to redefine the way your customers perceive and interact with your brand online, contact us to schedule a FREE consultation with our team!


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