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Whether your company’s been around the block a few times or you’re just starting your entrepreneurial journey, email marketing campaigns and pay per click (PPC) ads are a surefire way to put your brand’s message in front of online customers and keep them coming back for more!

With the use of Google AdWords, you can get your business listings to show up at the top of keyword searches. The more eyes that can see what you’ve got to offer, the more customers will visit your site. As a result, you’ll see a greater return on your investment.


Why Choose Wonder Web Development?

It’s easy to send an email or make an ad, but it takes a special blend of content, creativity, and clean design to catch their attention and keep readers coming back for more.


For many busy recipients, your email campaign has one shot to make a positive first impression. If your readers don’t find value in what you have to say, they have the legal right to hit the “unsubscribe” button and disappear from your contacts list forever.

That’s why our Sparks, NV based email marketing company carefully crafts each email campaign with meticulous care to ensure your readers get the most out of what you have to say. We handle every phase of your email marketing strategy, such as designing each message with your branded look and feel, assembling content pieces from your website and third party avenues if necessary, gathering all applicable imagery, writing custom leads for each included story, packaging it all together, and sending it out to your list of email contacts.

A powerful email marketing strategy has the opportunity to reach your customers in a more personal way that your content can’t do on its own. The people on your email list belong to something special – like an exclusive gathering – where they can see news, info, and updates about your brand that they can’t get anywhere else. They get the “inside scoop” that anyone who isn’t on the list can see, and we want to ensure they stay there for months to come.


Pay per click ads (PPC) are pieces of web real estate that companies can purchase to put their message directly in front of the people who are most likely to buy their product. You’ve probably even seen some of these pay per click ads recently while searching the web or on your favorite social media channels.

Our pay per click management company utilizes the best ad platforms available to ensure we can engage our partners’ customers wherever they spend their time online. Our team specializes in making the most of search engine ad networks, such as those powered by Google Ads, Bing Ads. We also know how to leverage ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Pay Per Click ads are a powerful tool in the marketing arsenal — scary powerful. Wonder Web Development’s team only uses anonymous demographic information to make sure our partners’ ads find the web space where they’re most effective. We don’t track or record any personal information that could jeopardize the trust of our partners and their customers.


E-Mail Marketing

What you can expect when you’re working with the team at Wonder Web Development:

Content Creation

Every good email marketing campaign needs quality ingredients. Seafoam has a dedicated team of content creators to curate, write out, and build your email campaigns from scratch.

Email Design

Regardless of the amount of content your email campaigns need to contain, our team strives for a clean and visually appealing design. That means providing select imagery to capture the audience’s attention, clear glanceable headlines that are easy to digest, and short leads for each story.

Every email campaign we send on your behalf will also be branded with your company’s colors and logo. To ensure your customers know your email campaigns are coming directly from you, our email software also designates one of your official company email addresses as the sending source.

Subject Lines

Yes, subject lines, the 65-character space where senders can write what their email is about. For all emails – especially email marketing campaigns – a subject line can be the deciding factor as to whether a customer opens the email or trashes it. When we create your brand’s campaigns, we ensure that each message leads with an interesting subject line geared toward maximizing open rates.

Analytical Reports

After your email marketing campaign has been sent, we actively track its progress and assemble the data into an easy-to-digest report. Information you will typically see on these reports include open rates, click through rates, unique number of recipients who opened your campaign, bounce data, and the percentage of recipients who unsubscribed from your email marketing mail list. These reports will also show which links within your email marketing campaigns performed better than other links, giving you and our team insight into what kinds of content your readers prefer.


All of the data we gather isn’t useful unless we discuss it, right? In your monthly meeting with the Seafoam team, we’ll sit down and review the results of your latest email marketing campaign. We’ll also take some time to plot out future content for your next email marketing campaign based on our data and any updates from your brand that you’d like for us to share.


Pay Per Click Marketing

What you can expect when you’re working with the team at Wonder Web Development:


Your brand’s pay per click journey starts with a bit of research; we dig deep to learn more about your core customers and investigate where they’re most likely to spend their time online. This is typically where we discover which pay per click platforms will best benefit you. With the power of online ads, we’re able to place your brand’s message on the right pages that feature keywords related to your products and services.


Next, we make a budget for our pay per click action plan. We like to start off small so that our strategy can be tuned over time. Once we’re satisfied with the engagement garnered from a preliminary segment of targeted demographics, we’ll invest a larger portion of your marketing budget in pay per click ads to increase results.


We know that each dollar you spend on marketing is valuable. That’s why your pay per click strategy is executed with clear, concise goals that reflect your brand’s needs. Do you want more hits to your homepage? Ads can drive customers there. Do you want to show off your newest product or service? Ads can help. Maybe you just want to increase overall conversion rates? Whatever you need, your pay per click strategy can be fine-tuned to make it happen.


Every month, our team sits down with yours to discuss your brand’s marketing progress. During these meetings, we actively review pay per click results with you, down to where each penny was spent on every ad we ran for the month. By tracking this data, we can determine which messages resonated best with your audience and which ones could use some tweaking. More importantly, we can refine your strategy to be more cost-effective and profitable for you.

No Surprises

At Wonder Web Development, we never bill your ad platform based on how much money we spend. Doing so would mean that your monthly marketing bill can fluctuate in unexpected ways. Instead, we build the cost of pay per ads into your bottom line bill so that there aren’t any surprises when it comes time to pay us. This also allows us to distribute the money you pay us into whichever pieces of your strategy need it most from month to month.

Is marketing assistance the only service you need?

You may have come to us seeking only pay per click ads, however you may also benefit from search engine optimization and web design services, among others. We care about quality, and we’re always willing to adapt our strategy to incorporate new information. We don’t separate pay per click research from the other factors that lead your business to success. We keep our eyes on the whole picture and continually bring you timely data translated into everyday language.

We pride ourselves on being a digital marketing agency for businesses that want to be leaders in their field and demographics. With Wonder Web Development on your side, you won’t have to seek out new customers; you’ll be uniquely positioned so that new customers will find you. Our St. Louis pay per click company uses all the tools at our disposal to share your brand’s message with your customers throughout the web.

If you’re ready to redefine the way your customers perceive and interact with your brand online, contact us to schedule a FREE consultation with our team!


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