Down the K-Hole

Down the K-Hole is a new show staring actors Rob E. Angelino and Kyle Lowder. Down the K-Hole is a hyper-autobiographical story inspired by and modeled after the real-life experiences of its star actor. Down the K-Hole explores the dysfunctional Southern California beach city culture and the story of one powerful man’s struggle with increasing powerlessness.

Learn more about Rob E. Angelino and Down the K-Hole on their official IMDB pages.

Our Video Edit

We were asked by Angelino Media, LLC to edit this version of the pilot episode video for YouTube. What exactly does that mean? Well as many of you know, YouTube has some rules about what type of content is acceptable on their platform.

This causes some issues. You see, Down the K-Hole, was produced for adult audiences. In other words, it would carry a rating of MA on television and streaming networks. Therefore, we were tasked with removing any of the nude scenes. Additionally, we were asked to clean up any continuity errors and voice syncing that resulted from the deleted scenes.

Sounds like a big task right? Editing an entire television episode. However, cleaning up the video and getting it ready for YouTube was no sweat. We had the whole thing completed, finalized, and uploaded to YouTube within an hour. That’s what you get when you work with professional video editors.

We hope you enjoy it. You can watch the full edited video below.

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