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Why should I get my Child a Library Card?

Reading is a dying pastime in our technology-obsessed society. Teaching your child the benefits of reading from an early age can be extremely beneficial in many ways.

With TV, phones, and the internet constantly fighting for your children’s attention, it can be tough to find time for reading. This is especially true for a busy parent who works all day long.

Consequently, it may seem like sitting your child down in front of the TV is the easier option. However, avoiding sedentary behavior from an early age is a great way to make sure your kids don’t develop bad habits that keep them trapped in the house.

Encourage Reading From an Early Age

Don’t rely too much on technology to babysit your child. Instead, get them to read! A good book can take a child hours to complete and can offer you all the quiet time you may need. Better yet, reading provides positive stimulation for your child.

If you aren’t a big reader, it may be time to start. Not only will this benefit you personally, but it will give your child a positive activity to emulate.

Young children tend to do and take interest in things they see adults doing. Monkey see, monkey do! In much the same way the child of a smoker will often take up smoking from an early age, so too will they choose to engage in the positive activities they see their parents engaging in.

Your kids are little sponges and they absorb everything quite easily. Make sure to be a good role model and to set good standards for yourself as well as your child.

baby with book

Reading is Magic!

Recognizing the role the library can play in your child’s life should not be overlooked. It’s the beginning of their journey to become skilled, knowledgeable readers and book lovers. There are a great number of reasons why starting to read from an early age can help your child become a happier, more confident little learner.

Children who read from a young age tend to excel more in school. Access to library card encourages them to take initiative. Additionally, they will learn and understand material better. It allows them to develop healthy habits and sparks interests in a number of fun topics and extracurricular activities.

Regular library visits will inevitably lead to more reading, learning, and exploration. Reading is paramount for a growing child’s mind to blossom. Think of reading as fertilizer… for your kid’s brain. If you’re like me, you might be imagining your kid’s ears stuffed full of soil right now. If not, I guess I might be a bit on the weird side.

How can a Library Card Benefit my Child?

Research shows that reading actually aids in brain development. This is especially true during the first five years of your child’s life.

Young children are hyper-aware at this point in their lives. As a result, their mega brains actually function at a higher capacity to absorb new information. Your pitiful adult brain has nothing on a child’s mind… seriously!

While you’re reading aloud to your child, their brain cells literally light up from the stimulation! This activity also causes existing links among brain cells to strengthen and new cell links to form.

Reading may be one of the best activities to provide the foundational language and literacy skills your child needs to excel in the future. Additionally, reading aloud to your child can develop strong, powerful connections between the reader and listener. Just think about it! When you read aloud to your kids, you send them the silent but vitally important message. You’re telling them that they are important to you and this is a special time filled with a special activity… and it’s all for them.

A Library Card will Save Money

If you’re like most of the parents, you’re on a budget and you have to watch what you spend like a hawk. Going to the library can save you a ton of money! When you visit the library, you’ll be able to expose your children to more books and reading material than you could normally afford to buy or keep in your home.

Unlike expensive stores that require you to purchase and keep the items, utilization of all the library has to offer allows your child to haul out as much as you can, turn those books back in, and take home a brand new pile all over again! Furthermore, the ability to “casually discovery” all sorts of material by browsing (without monetary limitations) allows your child to be spontaneous and experiment with new subject matter. You never know what subject they might find intriguing and what book may be the catalyst they need to discover and develop a passion down the road.

It’s Not What You Think!

While the stereotypical vision of a library often involves an eerily-quiet environment where noise is discouraged, this doesn’t have to be the case. Surprisingly, the kids’ section rarely is, and nobody takes issue. In fact, the library can be a very active, fun place for your child to spend time and meet other children with similar interests.

Most libraries now offer regular children’s programs that utilize costumes, puppetry, and all sorts of fun things to make stories come to life. The best part… all of this magic often happens in cozy, decorated areas where kids can flop down on big pillows and bean-bag chairs to enjoy the show!

Library Cards are for “Big Kids”

Getting your child a library card is an early rite of passage. Much like learning to use the potty or riding a bike, it’s a sign they’re becoming a big kid and they’re no longer a baby. You’re showing just how much you trust them and how much the library trusts them with the items they check out. One of the biggest perks of getting your child a library card at an early age is teaching them the importance of personal responsibility.

As a card-carrying library patron, young children learn how to treat things they borrow with care. Additionally, they learn the importance of respecting things which belong to others. They also learn the importance of following through on their promises to treat those items like they would treat their own property.

When a kid checks out books in their name, it builds and reinforces a sense of trust. They learn to be responsible not only in returning the item in a timely manner, but to keep items in good condition so others can enjoy them too. Finally, it illustrates the importance of sharing. When your child realizes how many people are participating in the process, it builds a strong sense of community. Sharing is caring after all!

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Feeling a Bit Lost and Overwhelmed?

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the vastness of a library, especially if you aren’t a regular visitor. Consequently, parents may forget about all sorts of fun topics that their kids may enjoy.

A great way to avoid this situation is to have your child talk to your local librarian. Many libraries have a librarian who specializes in children’s literature. They can recommend books and topics that you may not know about or think to suggest to your child.

The wider you open the door of knowledge, the broader your child’s tastes in literature become. As a result, they will develop an ever-growing desire to search out new and exciting things. All the while, you’re helping them expand their minds and increase their vocabulary.

How to Get Your Child a Library Card

While all libraries are different, most have a similar process to go through when applying for your child’s first library card. Most libraries simply require the parent to sign a bit of paperwork and a picture ID to open an account.

Usually, you have the option to either go into the location in person or to fill the paperwork out online. It often takes only 5-10 minutes to open up the world of reading to your child. In no time at all, it will prove to be well worth the effort.

We’ve provided a link to the local library system in the Greater Carson City area as well as the Washoe County Library. If you live in another location, do a simple GOOGLE search for local libraries in your area and we’re sure you’ll find the information in no time!

The Carson City Library is the closest public library to Little Monsters Children’s Resale Shop. It is the main library in the Carson City area. They offer three different types of library cards. These include a STANDARD card, a PREMIERE card, and an ONLINE ONLY card. You can obtain a library card for your child at the Library Card Desk by completing an application and presenting a valid Nevada picture ID.

An out-of-state ID may be used; however, it must be accompanied by proof of residence in Nevada. Examples of one’s proof of residence may include a piece of mail addressed to the applicant, a rental receipt, or a utility bill.

What are You Waiting for?

Now is the time to make this happen! Go to your local library and get your child their first library card. You’ll be starting them down a positive path filled with creativity, knowledge, and imagination. Additionally, you’ll be setting them up to excel when it comes time to start school. Trust me, they’ll thank you for it in the long run.

library cards are keys to the imagination

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