Well it’s official! Our team will be attending the 2nd Annual Reno Cannabis Convention. The event takes place this weekend, April 6th and 7th at the Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno, NV.

This will be our first year attending the Reno Cannabis Convention and we’re very excited to be going! This will be a fantastic opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs in the legal cannabis industry.

Of course, a big thanks goes out to Eric Lee Castillo of Lee Creative for the invite! As always, we’re so appreciative of your support and hospitality.

Please note that during this time, some staff members may be unavailable during normal business hours. As always, you can rest assured that the other members of our team will be here to assist you with all current projects. Of course, all deadlines will be met without issue.

Pineapple Express
“Pineapple Express” photoshoot

Info on the Reno Cannabis Convention

The following information was obtained from their official website:

“With the recreational marijuana industry now a reality, the 2019 Reno Cannabis Convention is a must-attend event in Nevada! If you are a cannabis business owner, entrepreneur, advocate, patient, caregiver or anyone looking to learn and network, this is the perfect opportunity to get involved in the fastest growing industry in the world!

This year’s 2nd Annual Reno Cannabis Convention is slated to welcome over 100 exhibitors and dozens of cannabis industry speakers. There will also be numerous demonstrations taking place, plenty of soil and growing samples available, and a vast array of the latest smoking and vaping products, storage, and accessories for sale at the event.”

Understandably, we’re very excited to attend the 2019 Reno Cannabis Convention. Most importantly, we’re excited to network with so many professionals in this industry. There will be speakers and vendors from the Reno, NV area as well as other national companies. Our mission to help further their business goals is a never-ending process.

We hope to see a lot of people there. Have fun, learn a ton, and as always, be safe!

Gorilla Glue cannabis strain
“Gorilla Glue” photo shoot

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