On Location in LA with Actor/Producer Rob E. Angelino

This week, our photography crew was hired by the Angelino Media production crew to work on the set of a new television pilot called Down the K-Hole. The show stars company owner Rob E. Angelino, along with an eclectic cast of famous magazine owners, fashion line owners, etc.

We spent two days at the stunning High House mansion in Hermosa Beach where the majority of the pilot episode was being filmed. While there, we rubbed elbows with a number of talented actors and actresses, writers, producers, editors, makeup artists, and more. It was a total blast and one of my personal favorite projects to be a part of thus far.

Keep your eyes peeled for the show’s teaser trailer. Additionally, be on the lookout for our photography work on various digital and physical promo material. The upcoming comedy/drama is scheduled for release in early to mid 2020.

Rob E Angelino with actress Augie Duke
Rob E. Angelino with actress Augie Duke

“Down the K-Hole” staring Rob E. Angelino

Down the K-Hole is a new show staring actors Rob E. Angelino and soap opera star Kyle Lowder. According to the show’s official site, Down the K-Hole is a hyper-autobiographical story inspired by and modeled after the real-life experiences of its star actor. A fictional take on dating and life in Los Angeles, Down the K-Hole explores the dysfunctional Southern California beach city culture and the story of one powerful man’s struggle with increasing powerlessness.

Rich Crawford (Rob E. Angelino), a wealthy Manhattan Beach businessman at his wit’s end decides to use unconventional therapy to search for truth and enlightenment and deal with a dysfunctional, complex, loveless marriage.

Rob E. Angelino preps for a scene in a bar
Rob E. Angelino preps for a scene in a bar

Additional Information

For more information about Down the K-Hole you can visit the show’s Facebook page and Instagram page. For more information on Rob E. Angelino, visit his official website. Additionally, you can follow his official Facebook Page, official Twitter page, and his official Instagram page. Finally, you can learn more about Rob’s work by visiting his IMDB page.

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