I Already Have a Website. How Can I Tell if it Needs to be Updated or Rebuilt?

A website is a lot like a car. If you’ve had a website for a long time, you may be in need of an upgrade.

Depending on how the site was originally built, you may be using outdated code, themes, and/or plugins which can cause the site to function poorly or crash.

Older sites often used applications like Adobe Flash to display video content. While popular and functional in their time, many modern mobile devices, tablets, and desktops do not properly display this content. It can often appearing as a broken link or asking the visitor to download software in order to view your site. This can be a serious turnoff for potential clients, as your site may look unkempt or dysfunctional.

Aesthetically, an older site may be less than functional, may appear skewed or inaccessible on mobile devices, and may just look old and outdated. Finally, older sties may not be optimized for search engines and my lack many of the tools which could assist you in directing and tracking web traffic to your site.

If you think your site is suffering from the above mentioned issues, it may be time to update your site.


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