Do We Own the Completed Website and all Related Content?

Absolutely! We’ve seen and heard about many horror stories of other companies holding sites and content hostage. This can happen frequently when a client has a disagreement with the current company they’re working with, and it can be devastating for any business owner.

Wonder Web Development will never hold your content hostage. You own everything created for you, and if you ever choose to terminate services with our company, we will happily assist you with necessary transfers and reregistration of domains and hosting. This has yet to happen and that’s how we intend to keep it, but if you need to move on, we’ll help however we can.


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If your business is in the Reno/Sparks/Carson City/Lake Tahoe area and you're looking for local support, please review our Nevada local assistance page or feel free to Contact Us to schedule a consultation. We're dedicated to helping businesses in our local community grow and thrive!

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