Rainbow Ridge Park in Reno, Nevada

Rainbow Ridge Park in Reno
Rainbow Ridge Park in Reno, NV

Visiting Rainbow Ridge Park

Rainbow Ridge Park, which may be found in a tranquil suburb, displays everything a park should be. Safety is the park’s primary selling point. Several houses surround this park, and its community members are known for their friendliness. Almost everything you could want is right here in this park. 

Trails wind in and out of the park and the neighborhood, and there are two jungle gyms, several picnic tables, a lot of grassy areas for kids and dogs to play, three basketball hoops, and a lot of walking space. Even sunny outside, there’s enough shade to keep you cool. The distance between Rainbow Ridge Park and Wonder Web Development is approx 29 km away.

After you’re done playing at this great little park in Reno, you may be a bit hungry. Lucky for you, you’re right near plenty of great local dining spots. Just a few miles away, you’ll find a local favorite pizza parlor called Noble Pie Parlor in Midtown. There’s also Thali offering organic Indian food and quite honestly looking at their menu right now is making me very hungry. Finally, you’ve also got Homegrown Gastropub which probably has the best burger I’ve ever had in my life. However, the “Billionaire Burger” is a costly lunch. Still worth it though in my humble opinion.

Finding Your Way to Rainbow Ridge Park

Rainbow Ridge Park is a pleasant small green space located in a peaceful area of Northwest Reno. Remember that there is no parking lot, so you’ll have to park the old-fashioned manner on Rainbow Ridge Road and then use the sidewalks to make your way down. 

There’s a restroom accessible to people of all genders, but it wasn’t in excellent condition when they were there. An operational water fountain, great seats, and a roofed area housing a massive charcoal grill are all included. 

Three basketball hoops are another attractive feature. Grass and trees have been carefully nurtured, and the playground equipment has been meticulously cared after. The answer is yes, and they even have infant swing seats! (two of them). Get in touch with Sparks’s Parks & Recreation Division for further information.

According to the City of Reno, Rainbow Ridge offers the following amenities:

  • Barbecues
  • Basketball Court
  • Pathway
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Playground
  • Restrooms
  • Tables/Benches
  • Trails

Now You’re Off to Visit Rock Park, Right?

Don’t waste time indoors when you may be enjoying the great outdoors in Rainbow Park.

One of Reno’s numerous ravines is home to a pleasant park perfect for a stroll with the family. Includes basketball hoops, a restroom, and play structures for kids of all ages and skills. A simple path leads down into the ravine, passing through the marsh that Chalk Creek has created. The path continues up the valley toward Make Anne Avenue. Plentiful springtime wildflowers and a wide variety of wildlife. The park is also in good condition.

That’s a fantastic park, for sure. A nice area to take the kids & pets alike. It’s also a great place to simply sit and contemplate and enjoy nature. After all, there are always birds, squirrels, and rabbits to see. Not to mention locals say it’s always spotless. All in all, a beautiful walk with lots of desert plants and animals to look at and a perfect place to get some fresh air.

To & From This Location

Rainbow Ridge Park
1355 Rainbow Ridge Rd.
Reno, NV 89523

Driving Directions from Rainbow Ridge Park in Reno to Wonder Web Development in Sparks, NV

Driving Directions from Wonder Web Development in Sparks, NV to Rainbow Ridge Park


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